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Utah County’s Only Garden and Craft Christmas Gift Center

From bonsai’s to stocking stuffers, McCoard’s has gifts that appeal to the gardener in all of us.

We have an eclectic assortment that includes amaryllis and paper white grow kits, bonsai’s, poinsettias, rosemary trees, holly, arborvitae, gardener gift baskets, terrariums, festive fairy garden kits, living ornaments, Salt City candles and melters, porch décor, Mennonite porch furniture, crafts from local crafters and so much more!!!


1st Annual Christmas Bazaar

November 17th through December 23rd

Thursday through Saturday

12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Closed 11-24 and 11-25 for Thanksgiving

Plant Varieties

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Christmas Bazaar


On November 17, 2016 the McCoard Family received the following certified notification from the City of Provo:

“The City Council will be voting [Tuesday, December 6, 2016, 5:30 p.m.] to approve the filing of an eminent domain action on the referenced parcel [the McCoard Family Farm]. Provo City, as the governing body of the political subdivision, is providing this written notice to notify the property owner [the McCoard family] of the opportunity to be heard on the proposed taking of the property as required by Utah statute. The City Council will then vote to authorize eminent domain proceedings.”

Recently, the City of Provo completed the West Side Connector which is a byway that joins the Provo Airport Road (3110 West) with I-15. Now the city has proposed another connector that will join the Airport Road from the north. Once the proposed connector is complete, every remaining farm in Provo will have been bisected by these two connectors, the McCoard’s farm included.

The new connector cuts across the McCoard’s property and will demolish our new zip line, the majority of our four acre pumpkin patch as well as the lower third of the corn maze. All of these attractions are critical elements of McCoard’s Fall Festival. The festival not only provides a critical revenue stream for our Fall operations, but more importantly, provides a place where both families and the university community can come for affordable fun in the Fall. If this connector receives final approval from the Provo City Council, the impact to McCoard’s Fall Festival will be extremely negative and will destroy what has become an annual Halloween destination for thousands of people.

Now, from our family to yours, we are asking for your support to help “Save the Maze.” Please take a moment and contact the Provo City Council via the links below and exercise your freedom of expression and/or come to the Provo City Council meeting, Tuesday, December 6, 2016, 5:30 p.m. Let the Provo City Council know what a loss to the community McCoard’s Fall Festival    will be.

The McCoard family wishes to thank all of our loyal visitors that have supported both the Fall Festival and Garden Center over the years. We feel that our effort to give back to the community we love is worth saving. Help us “Save the Maze!”

Harding, Dave Council Member (801) 310-9970
Knecht, Dave Council Member (801) 921-7794
Santiago, Kim Council Member (801) 836-3008
Sewell, Dave Council Member (801) 380-5103
Stewart, George Council Member (801) 341-0463
Strachan, Cliff Exec Dir of Council (801) 852-6118
Van Buren, Kay Council Member (801) 420-0743
Winterton, Gary Council Member (801) 372-6633