Custom Containers

Custom Container time has arrived and we are ready for you to bring your containers in so our team can grow you some beautiful plantings for your porches, decks and yards. February is the discount month for this opportunity so you can get these beautiful containers created and grown for only $2.00 per diameter inch for round/square pots and $1.50 per length inch for flower boxes (rectangular pots).  Remember the price goes up 50 cents per inch March 1st.

Season Opening

The Garden Center will be opening Tuesday, March 1st at 9:00 a.m. Come down and see our new product lines and early spring flowers. All customers will receive a free 3” Croc’ Pot with their first purchase on opening day. So come on down, have a look, purchase for your early gardening needs and receive a touch of spring color for your window sill!

New McCoard’s Garden Center Blog

New this year for McCoard’s is our Flower’s Gone Wild Blog. The blog includes bits of garden wisdom and advice, gardening ideas for the novice and expert, fresh flavor recipes for the most discerning palate and just about anything else that is on our blogger’s mind. Pop over to the Flowers Gone Wild Blog and check it out! We would love for you to like us on your favorite social media too!